Forno Venetzia Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

Our culinary adventure began almost 15 years ago, when we first encountered a mobile pizza oven. We had seen wood burning ovens a few times in restaurants and bakeries, but never thought about having one in our very own backyard.

Since the launch of Forno Venetzia, we are thrilled that more and more people have started their own culinary adventures. Customers continue to reach out to share their own experiences – some cook several times a week, others pledge to never use their barbeque again. There is something special about warmth of the fire, and the faint smell of smoke in the air. It offers the perfect atmosphere to bring family and friends together, to enjoy delicious food & the best pizza.

Looking back, we can still recall the very first time we cooked a pizza in a wood burning oven. We had no idea what we were doing, but before long it was time to take that pie out of the oven, we all felt like a pizzaiolo! We were hooked.

It was this new-found passion that inspired us to create a brand of our own. We set out to create a product that was of high quality, with a authentic Italian design. This is where the story of Forno Venetzia began. We developed our first Forno Venetzia Wood Burning Oven and never looked back. In recent years, we have expanded our offerings to include an assortment of Forno Venetzia Ovens and cooking accessories to suite all your wood fired cooking needs.

Once you cook in one of our wood burning ovens, you will discover the same passion for wood fired cooking that we have!

Rich in history, infused with flavour!

Why It Works: A Traditional Flue Design 

How well an oven retains the heat is one of the key benchmarks for performance. Heat loss reduces the cooking temperature and increases the fuel consumption.

As part of our commitment to time honoured and authentic performance, our ovens have a traditional flue design.

The flue is the internal shaft that helps retain heat and vent the smoke produced from the fire up the chimney. Without the flue, heat tends to rise and escape up through the chimney. This results in lower temperatures and increased fuel consumption, making it more difficult to maintain desired cooking temperatures.

A traditional flue design, frequently found in commercial and high-quality ovens, has the flue opening lower than the top of the dome and just outside the door opening. This creates a draft that pulls the smoke out through the door and up the flue and chimney. The majority of the heat is left to circulate within the dome.




This design results in optimal heat retention and minimal fuel consumption. It helps achieves high temperatures more easily, and is perfect for roasting with the door slightly open or baking when only embers remain.