Our Pizza Oven Warranty

Manufacturers Limited Warranty

Your Forno Venetzia Wood Burning Oven is guaranteed from any Manufacturer’s defects for the period of two (2) years from date of purchase for the original purchaser. However, with proper use and maintenance it will provide you with many more years of enjoyment.

Chips and Cracks in the refractory bricks are considered normal and do not affect the performance of the oven. This is part of the intrinsic nature of the material.

Proof of Purchase Required

On the shipping carton, there is a label that containers the model #, UPC #, color and production lot #. Please record this information for future reference.


During the winter season or if you do not plan on using your oven for an extended period of time it is recommended to store your oven indoors where possible. While your Forno Venetzia is designed to withstand outdoor elements, this will help protect the finish and extend the life of your oven.

Where this is not possible we suggest securely covering your oven with a waterproof breathable cover or tarp

The Warranty is considered VOID in the following circumstances:

– The oven was not properly assembled and/or used as described within the Owner’s Manual.

– The oven has been modified in any way and is not in the condition it was when it left the factory.

– A fuel other than dry hardwood has been used. Do not under any circumstances use a liquid fire starter or accelerant, coal, charcoal, or any fuels containing chemical additives or any other fuels.

– Any damage to the outside or insider of the oven caused by chemicals including cleaners.

– If the oven has been used for commercial purposes.

– Damage caused by exceeding the maximum temperature limit as stated within the Owner’s Manual.

–  Scratches and discoloration such as fading are not covered by this warranty.

For best result always use Forno Venetzia Replacement Parts.