Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we have got answers. Please read through some of our most commonly asked questions.


Can I position my Forno Venetzia underneath a covered patio/pergola?

We do not recommend that anything be above the chimney cap. It should be entirely clear. We strongly suggest to check with local building and fire codes for any specific requirements in your area. Secondly, we strongly recommend that the chimney be extended through the ceiling/roof structure and that the portion that runs through the ceiling/roof structure be a dual-walled insulated pipe. The Pronto and Torino Series of ovens use a standard 6” diameter chimney pipe and extensions, angled off-set pieces and dual-walled insulated pipe are available from the local fireplace/hearth retailer/installer. The Bellagio Series uses a 7” diameter chimney pipe which is also available locally.

If I extend the chimney does this effect the performance of the oven?

 No,extending the chimney will simply increase the draft and does not negatively affect the performance of the oven.

When do I use the oven door?

The door should only be used when baking at low temperatures such as 350 F and lower and with no live flame. The door should never be used when pre-heating the oven to increase the draft or cooking at high temperatures as this will cause potential damage to the door and oven. When pre-heating the oven and for the majority of cooking the door should be removed entirely. Forno Venetzia ovens use a traditional flue design where the flue opening is on the outside of the door when closed. Using the door when pre-heating the oven and cooking at high temperatures negatively effects the air flow.

What is a traditional Flue design?

A traditional flue design has the opening for the flue positioned lower than the highest point inside the oven and just outside the location of the door when closed. As heat rises, this allows more heat to stay inside the oven and the draft draws the smoke slightly downward and out through the door opening and up the chimney. This results in superior heat retention and lower fuel consumption.

What is the other flue design?

Opening price point ovens have an opening cut in the top of the dome with the chimney simply placed on top. These are recognizable by the handle on the side of the chimney part way up. This slides a metal plate across the chimney to restrict air flow. However, as heat rises, this results in most of the heat going up the chimney and higher fuel consumption.

Are covers available?

Yes, covers are available directly from As the production runs for pizza oven covers tend to be smaller when compared to BBQ covers, the prices are higher. In an effort to provide a cost effective solution for customers to protect their oven, we sell these on a direct basis.

My cover is too short and does not fit my oven.  

Forno Venetzia covers are designed to be used with the chimney pipe and cap removed. This makes it easier to put the cover on as it is not as high and eliminates stress on the chimney pipe and cap when the customer is “tugging” at the cover to put it over the chimney and on the oven. The chimney pipe and cap should be stored on the lower shelf or inside the oven when using the cover. Take care as the chimney cap will be covered in soot.  

How and where can I store my Forno Venetzia oven tools?

Accessories should be stored indoors when not in use. The wooden handles are attached using both steam and screws and should not be exposed to water or moisture as this will loosen the grip and potentially cause the wooden handles to detach from the oven tool pole. Additionally, the finish on the wooden handles will become dull and discolored.  

Will I get the same results with any Forno Venetzia model or do the more expensive ones cook better?

All Forno Venetzia ovens will deliver the same performance. The only difference is size, style and features such as cart vs. counter top, gliding preparation shelves vs. folding shelves, Storage cabinet vs. shelves etc.

I have a chip in one of my bricks. 

Cracks and chips in the refractory bricks are considered normal in all wood burning ovens and do not affect the performance of the oven. As a result this is not considered a warranty issue.

Can a cart be purchased separately?

We do not sell carts separately. The 300 and 500 models include a removable cart. Many customers place their ovens in their outdoor kitchen during the summer, and use the cart to move oven closer to the house for use in winter.  

What kind of wood should I use?

The two main criteria for wood is that it is a hardwood and dry/well seasoned. Preferably cut, split and stack and left for at least 2 years to thoroughly dry. If the wood makes a sizzling sound when burning and/or you see “suds” coming out the end of the log, there is still moisture in the wood. This will not burn as hot or as thoroughly and will not generate the desired temperatures. It will also generate more smoke.

Do I have to Cure my oven?

No, one of the great advantages of the Forno Venetzia wood burning ovens is that our stainless steel ovens do no require any curing. They are ready to go!

 Can I use my oven in the snow/ colder weather?

Yes! In winter/colder weather build your fire with newspaper and kindling as usual, but once the fire is going, take a bit more time when adding the larger pieces of wood. Don’t make it as large as soon as you would normally, until the oven has a chance to get a bit warmer. Once that happens continue as you normally would.  

What besides pizza can I cook in my oven?

In short, EVERYTHING! We are finding that our customers not only use their Forno Venetzia frequently but more and more people are using it as their primary outdoor cooking appliance.

Please check our blog for recipes!

Can the oven be used Indoors?

No, this is an exclusively outdoor oven.

Can this Oven be used commercially?

No, our ovens are designed for residential use only.

Can the ovens be fitted with Gas?

No, the Forno Venetzia Ovens are exclusively wood burning



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