Introducing the Braccio – the best tool for your wood fired oven

braccio forno venetzia

We are very excited to introduce the Braccio del Forno (Arm of the Oven), the tool you never knew you needed for your Forno Venetzia wood fired oven (Torino and Bellagio Series models only). 

The braccio allows real hardwood fired grilling or broiling or a combination of both.

Braccio: Removable grill and baking sheet by Forno Venetzia wood fired oven

Take your grilling and baking to a whole new level!

wood fired oven grill attachment

The braccio del forno is a 3 piece arm that allows for real wood fired grilling in your Forno Venetzia oven (Torino and Bellagio Series models only).

You can now easily maneuver the grill anywhere inside or outside the oven, without having to reach into a hot oven.

The baking sheet can be used for bruschetta, hot hors d’oeuvres, roasted potatoes, vegetables, or act as a drip tray to keep your hearth clean for the next dish.

The grill can be used for anything from kebab to grilled corn to steaks.

Grilling and broiling simultaneously in a wood fired oven

Adding the braccio del forno to your Forno Venetzia wood fired oven provides the unique capability of grilling and broiling simultaneously in your wood fired oven.


Scattering the embers from the hardwood fire allows you to grill over a real hardwood fire. You could also maintain the fire with live flames on the left side of the oven allowing the flames to curl up and over the top of the oven dome and broil your food at the high temperatures wood fired ovens are famous for.
Alternatively you can use a combination of both grilling and broiling.
Baking can also be achieved using just the baking sheet/drip tray and having a good bed of embers glowing on the left side of the oven with no live flame.

Braccio cooking arm construction

The braccio del forno cooking and grilling arm wood fired oven attachement is made of heavy-Duty stainless steel construction. It can hold up to 12 lbs.

braccio forno venetzia

If you thought your pizzas were legendary in your wood fired oven , now, try grilling steaks!