How Does a Backyard Pizza Oven Work?

Backyard pizza ovens aren’t familiar items in every house like a traditional oven. And while many people are intrigued with the idea, they’re not entirely sure how the wood burning pizza oven works, what different models and features are available, or if the appliance would be a good fit for their cooking needs.

The good news is that outdoor pizza ovens are easy to use, a joy to cook with, and they impart a unique flavour to your food that you simply can’t achieve with other cooking methods. Here’s everything you need to know about backyard pizza ovens and some of the best models on the market.
Backyard Pizza Ovens: The Basics

A backyard pizza oven is unique, and different from both a traditional oven and a barbecue. While outdoor pizza ovens can be gas or charcoal powered, Forno Venetzia knows that all the best outdoor ovens are wood-fired. Not only do you get the rich and succulent flavours , but a wood burning pizza oven also creates its own convection-style heat without the need of a fan.

Thanks to the dome-shaped construction of these ovens, the heat naturally surrounds the food on all sides and cooks it evenly. Moreover, the bricks absorb heat as well, and ensure that radiant and conductive heat is constantly cooking food from multiple angles. This combined with the high temperatures wood burning ovens generate means your food cooks at a higher temperature and in less time, resulting in a juicer, more tender and flavourful result.

Expert tip: You can enhance the flavour of your food by using different types of wood, as each one imparts a unique flavour.
Pronto Pizza Oven: Compact and Full Featured

The Pronto series is ideal for people with limited outdoor space and/or a smaller budget but still want professional results. The models in this line are available as countertop pizza ovens or as stand-alone ovens on a mobile cart. The Pronto ovens have a cooking surface that’s 24 by 20 inches, which is large enough for two personal pizzas. The dual layers of ceramic insulation make for excellent performance, and the built-in thermometer means you’ll never have trouble cooking your favourite foods to perfection.

Protection from the elements: All Forno Venetzia ovens are finished with a textured powder-coated paint that keeps the units looking new for many years.
Torino Backyard Pizza Oven: The Only Appliance You Need

The Torino series of wood burning pizza ovens are stylish, elegant, and first-rate when it comes to performance. These large ovens can accommodate food for an entire party, and can cook up to four pizzas at a time, or several different dishes. The stand-alone ovens are also equipped with a gliding shelf with a soft close feature that makes prep a breeze. And using the optional BBQ Arm, you can grill vegetables, meats or bake Bruschetta with ease.

Want to broil your steak at 800 F just like your favourite high end steak house? it’s no problem with the Forno Venetzia BBQ Arm.
Bellagio Pizza Oven: Luxury Outdoor Cooking at Its Best

The Bellagio series of pizza ovens is the pinnacle of backyard entertaining. These enormous 36-inch by 32-inch ovens can easily bake, broil, and grill different dishes at the same time. The ovens are equipped with their own storage cabinets, come with two gliding prep shelves with soft close. Also available as a counter top model for your outdoor kitchen.

Best of all you’ll find a wood burning oven brings a unique ambiance to any occasion that will ensure a comforting and memorable experience. As everyone gathers around a real wood fire both before and after the meal. The sound of the fire, the warmth of the flame and the scent of smoke in the air. You’ll quickly find your Forno Venetzia oven is the centerpiece of your outdoor space.

Bring a Bistro to your backyard with a Forno Venetzia Wood Burning Oven.

If your backyard can’t go another day without an exquisite outdoor pizza oven, then contact Forno Venetzia today to find a retailer near you.