Top 6 Benefits of a Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Anybody who has ever cooked on a wood fired oven will no doubt sing the praises of wood-fire cooking when asked. But if you’ve never cooked this way before, then you may be unaware of some of the major benefits a wood oven can add to your food (and you’re in for a real treat when you find out!) Here are six of the top things you can look forward to when you cook on a wood fire pizza oven.
1. A Wood Fire Pizza Oven Isn’t Just a Cooking Method: It’s a Food Experience

The best thing about an outdoor pizza oven is the taste. Once you’ve cooked your favourite dish in a wood fired oven, you’ll taste the difference. That’s why Professional Chefs preferred fuel is wood and like wood fired ovens in particular.

Furthermore the experience of cooking rustically with a wood fired oven is so enchanting that it will quickly become your preferred cooking appliance.

The cozy fire, the warm glow, the delicious smells, and the amazing ambiance created by wood-fired ovens, and the succulent tastes. It creates a culinary experience that will be memorable for all whether outdoor you’re alone, having a romantic evening with someone special, or with family and friends. Most of our customers proudly tell us how much their Forno Venetzia oven was the hit of the event that all their guests continue to rave about.
2. A better way to cook…..

Wood pizza ovens are a superior cooking appliance for several reasons. Among them is that they generate 3 different cooking methods all at the same time:

– Convection cooking without the need of an electrical fan to circulate the heat.

Due to the shape of the dome and with the fire on one side of the oven, the flames and heat curl up and over the top of the dome, naturally circulating the heat. This results in shorter cooking times and better even heat circulation.

– Conduction cooking

The refractory bricks will store the heat, help maintain the oven temperature and transfer the heat to the food and dishes that are placed on the hot bricks. This is just like your stove top and is what provides that authentic pizza crust.

– Radiant cooking

As the heat is stored in the refractory bricks and dome, it is radiated back to the food cooking in the oven.

– Higher cooking temperatures

Wood fired ovens can reach temperatures most appliances simply can’t match. Not only does this reduce the cooking times but it locks the flavours and juices in your food before they dry out. This results in a more tender and juicy dish that combined with the wood fuel creates a flavor and result that can’t be matched.

3. They’re Versatile and All-Purpose Ovens

Despite the name, make no mistake: pizza ovens aren’t just for pizza. The list of things you can cook in your wood fire pizza oven is endless, and includes favourites like breads, cakes, roasts, vegetables, fish, stews and soups, and even desserts like cakes, tortes, and crumbles.
4. Superior Flavour

Another benefit that wood pizza ovens have over barbecues and traditional ovens is that they impart a delicious flavour to food that isn’t possible with gas, electricity, or even charcoal. And what’s more, you can subtly change the taste of your food by using different types of wood, because each species will have a unique flavour. Any fruit wood such as apple, peach and cherry and great sources of fuel that will impart fabulous flavours. Oak, ash and most hardwoods are also ideal for your oven. Experiment with what is available in your area. Just be sure it is a hardwood and is well dried and seasoned to ensure it burns well with minimal smoke.

5. Ideal for Hot Days

You know those hot summer days when you can’t bear the thought of turning on the oven to cook dinner because it would further increase the temperature in the house? Well those days are no more when you’ve got an outdoor pizza oven, because all the cooking is done outside, meaning your house will stay cool and comfortable (without having to crank the air conditioner).

6. Go off grid

Like getting back to basics? Outdoor pizza ovens don’t require gas or electricity. Just as importantly, it means you can also use your pizza oven during a power outage, so you don’t have to worry about going hungry when a thunderstorm or grid problem hits.

There’s something appealingly simple and satisfying about cooking on a wood fire, but an outdoor pizza oven also has a number of other benefits when it comes to cooking nutritious and delicious-tasting food. If you’re ready to find out just how amazing an outdoor pizza oven can be, then contact Forno Venetzia today, or find a retailer near you.